WeLink With Kindness

WeLink was born with the idea of connecting and sharing kindness between all living beings.

Our birth country Colombia, like all societies of the world, has a problem with lack of compassion and responsibility toward animals. So we decided to hold hands with anyone who's trying to change this situation and spread love :-)

All our sales donate to a spay and neuter program, help provide medical care for homeless dogs as well as food and anything else they might need.

We have also joined forces with the Fundacion Salva in the city of Tunja Colombia. They are amazing, with close to zero resources they have managed to save countless of homeless pets, given them medical care, love, shelter and a future.

There are no cages at Salva foundation. Their 110+ dogs that were saved from the streets or abusive situations now live together and happy. In this massive awesome dog ranch they all have care, shelter, beds, blankets, food, medical care, love and dignity. All of them are for adoption but those who won't find families will have a forever safe home at Salva.

Their work has already touched the hearts of hundreds of people that come to volunteer and visit the pooches everyday.

Let's s help these humans to continue their amazing mission of teaching compassion and kindness.

Donate here or support any other animal rights and/or rescue organization that talks to your heart :-)